What’s IPAB? It’s the “Independent Payment Advisory Board” that our President will use to ration health care if he is permitted to do so. It was created by ObamaCare and, as Obama’s former OMB director explains in this clip, it will have far more effect on the country’s fiscal trajectory than the Congressional Budget Office.

IPAB has statutory power to make proposals that reduce costs which will take effect automatically unless Congress votes them down and the President signs that bill. In other words, ObamaCare has transferred a significant amount of congressional power to a 15-person committee with no accountability to the voters:

Is IPAB a “death panel”? Well, a huge percentage of U.S. health care costs are incurred by seniors during the last year of their lives. They need expensive drugs and fancy machinery to keep them alive. Thus, the easiest way for the all-powerful IPAB to save money will be to deny pricey care to Granny.

It might be a good idea to get in some quality time with Granny before IPAB is up and running.

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