We recently learned from a new AP poll that public support for ObamaCare is down to 35%, the lowest level it has reached since its passage last year. So how is the Obama administration planning to respond? Why, with a brainwashing campaign, of course. 

Pursuant to a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit, Judicial Watch recently obtained documents from HHS that outline an Orwellian propaganda campaign that should make your hair stand on end. If you think “brainwashing” is hyperbole, read how they describe the strategy.

Health and program-related messages are processed by the target audience according to a particular reality, which he or she experiences. Attitudes, feelings, values, needs, desires, behaviors and beliefs all play a part in the individual’s decision to accept information and make a behavioral change.

Did you get that bit about “behavioral change’? The Obama administration will hire Public Relations firms which will develop a five-year program to use “these characteristics” so that “program-related messages” can be “targeted to the beneficiary in effective ways.?

In other words, the plan is not to give the voters what we want on health care reform. It is instead to brainwash us into believing that this nanny-state boondoggle is a good thing. Presumably, in the end, we are expected to love the plan just as Winston Smith learned to love Big Brother.

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  1. nyp wrote:

    In other words, advertising, particularly public service announcements, need to be tailored to the characteristics of the people to whom the announcements are directed. An ad directed to old people should be different in tone as well as in substance from an ad directed to college students.

    How Orwellian!

    Posted 24 Apr 2011 at 12:26 pm
  2. DRC wrote:

    Try to connect the dots, nyp:

    1) They force a law that we don’t want down our throats.

    2) They raise our taxes to pay for a law we don’t want.

    3) They use hundreds of millions of OUR DOLLARS to make us like it.

    Surely, even someone with your obvious limitations can see that there is something wrong with this picture.

    Posted 24 Apr 2011 at 4:09 pm

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