By now, everyone in galaxy knows that a big chunk of the latest ObamaCare waivers went to high-end businesses in Nancy Pelosi’s congressional district. In this video, Miller pretty much sums up the ethics of the former (Thank God!) Speaker of the House:

I can’t tell if Nancy Pelosi is telling me a bold-face lie or a two-faced lie or a tight-faced lie. But I’ll say this. I consider her to be the pre-eminent liar of her generation … If you think it’s random that 28 out of 140 of the most recent waivers turn up at $60 a [a meal] porterhouse steak houses in San Francisco … I’ve got a Golden Gate Bridge I want to sell you.

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  1. tom beebe st louis wrote:

    Too bad obvious corruption isn’t an impeachable offense.

    Posted 21 May 2011 at 3:44 pm

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