The ObamaCare waivers that have caused so much controversy, not to mention violating the Constitution, will end next September:

Removing a potential political distraction ahead of next year’s elections, the Obama administration Friday announced an early end to a health care waiver program that has come under fire from congressional Republicans.

But it has nothing to do with politics, nooooo ….

Political considerations were ‘absolutely not’ part of the decision, said Steve Larsen, head of a section of the Health and Human Services department that oversees President Barack Obama’s health care law.

Uh huh …

‘It looks like they finally figured out they were in a public relations hole and decided to stop digging,’ said Ed Haislmaier of the Heritage Foundation think tank.

But the Obama reelection campaign will still have enough time to shake down a few more corporations and unions:

The Government Accountability Office found that HHS had approved over 95 percent of the 1,400 waiver applications it received, most of them involving employer plans.

We don’t know which entities comprise the unlucky 5% whose applications were turned down because the Obama administration has refused to respond to congressional inquiries on the matter.

HHS has also violated the Freedom of Information Act by refusing to release the information to a variety of legal foundations and media outlets. I’m betting these 5% were unwilling to pony up the appropriate bribes.

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  1. Brian wrote:

    Got to love the transparency of Obama’s administration. I’d love to see Landmark Legal Foundation take them to court and get the information out of HHS.

    Posted 18 Jun 2011 at 7:13 am

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