As has been discussed here often, the AMA pursued a collaboration strategy on ObamaCare in exchange for an empty promise from the Democrats to fix the broken Medicare payment system. The AMA leadership was played for chumps.

The Dems, as I and many others predicted, failed to keep their side of the bargain. Nonetheless, the quislings who run the AMA still support ObamaCare and its individiual insurance mandate. In Chicago this week, they doubled down:

This week at the organization’s annual meeting in Chicago, an overwhelming number of AMA members voted to reaffirm the group’s support for Obamacare’s individual mandate. The final vote was 326-165.

This policy has created no small amount of rancor within the organization. By all accounts, the two-hour debate that preceded the vote was quite a dust-up. Meanwhile, the AMA’s support for ObamaCare is causing doctors to jump ship:

The American Medical Association saw another steep drop in its membership in 2010 — this time losing about 12,000 members or 5% of its total membership, the group announced Sunday during its 2011 House of Delegates meeting.

Why does AMA still support this awful law? Because it has abandoned its original mission and gone into the publishing and coding business. In fact, despite its plummeting membership, its revenues have increased:

Despite the drop in revenue from dues, AMA brought in an additional $5.2 million in total revenue in 2010, largely due to ‘stronger publishing and business revenues.’

For more on these “business revenues,” I recommend this column by Dr. Hal Scherz.

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