Perry has far more credibility on jobs and health care than Romney can claim, and these two issues will dominate the presidential campaign. In my column, I compare their records and discuss the implications thereof:

On jobs, Perry has a story to tell that Romney can’t hope to match. As the Wall Street Journal recently reported, ‘Some 37% of all net new American jobs since the recovery began were created in Texas.’ That makes Texas the most prolific job generator in the nation. By contrast, Mitt Romney’s record on job creation is lackluster at best. Job growth during his single term as Governor of Massachusetts was less than one percent, which ‘badly lagged other high-skill, high-wage, knowledge economy states.’

And then there is health care:

Romney is utterly toothless on that issue. Why? The two-thousand page monstrosity that the White House and its legions of allies in the “news? media hilariously call the “Affordable Care Act? was modeled after the Massachusetts “universal coverage? legislation that Romney himself signed into law in 2006 … Unlike Romney,  Perry can vehemently denounce the insurance mandate as an unconstitutional attack on individual liberty without having any similar abomination in his own record thrown back in his face.

In other words, Perry’s record allows him to aggressively go after Obama on jobs and health care without being forced to defend his own record. To read the rest of the column click here.

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  1. Jeff Perren wrote:

    Thank you for an excellent article on Perry v Romney.

    While I can’t apologize for the commenters, I can offer my sympathy and say you and your fine article deserve better.

    Please keep up the good work.

    Jeff Perren

    Posted 30 Aug 2011 at 11:07 am

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