The latest Kaiser tracking survey shows that public support for ObamaCare has hit an all time low.  President Obama’s “signature domestic achievement” is a dog that just won’t hunt:

Americans’ opinion of Obamacare has reached an all-time post-passage low according to the Kaiser Health Tracking poll. Only 39% of those surveyed have a favorable view of the law.

And I’m sure the folks running Obama’s reelection campaign will be DELIGHTED to see this finding:

Democratic and Independent support for Obamacare has fallen to all-time lows of 60% and 33% respectively.

Despite taxpayer-funded propaganda, the main thing people remember about ”reform” is the following:

65% of Americans know that Obamacare forces all Americans to buy health insurance, up from 64% in December 2010.

The Obama administration has made real history with ObamaCare. They have created the only nanny-state entitlement in history that gets less popular as time goes on.

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