My column for today’s American Spectator discusses the Texas-sized hypocrisy of Ron Paul, fair-weather friend to Ronald Reagan and faux libertarian:

Paul has consistently represented himself as a principled libertarian, and never tires of reminding us that he is a physician whose medical experience has taught him to be wary of government intrusion in health care. However, the good doctor’s voting record shows that he has frequently supported such government intervention.

He has voted for government price-fixing at least twice. And, despite all his rhetoric about out-of-control government spending, he’s a major earmark hog:

While representing himself for decades as the sworn enemy of overspending, the good doctor has had his snout deep in the earmark trough. In 2007, The Wall Street Journal reported, ‘The Congressman disclosed his requests this year for about $400 million worth of federal funding for no fewer than 65 earmarks.’

To read more about the shameless hypocrisy of Doctor Faux click here.

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  1. Doug wrote:

    This is incredibly lazy journalism. This is almost definitely a hired hit piece ordered straight from establishment operatives. David Catron could have easily gone on Youtube and heard straight from Ron Paul his reasoning on each of these issues, but he was too lazy to do any actual research.

    I would respond but Bob Wenzel already got to it.

    On Reagan: “So why does Catron call Dr. Paul a “slippery Beltway operator” and a “fraud of the first order”? Because: “The sordid reality is that his loyalty to Ronald Reagan lasted only so long as it was politically expedient .”

    Is Catron serious? Is this how desperate the Ron Paul haters are getting that a move that is obviously made on principle is called “politically expedient.” Read Ron Paul’s letter about Ronald Reagan and why he briefly left the Republican Party. Does that sound like a political Beltway operator? Ron Paul leaving the Republican Party, when the Party was in power, and when it could have been very easy for Dr. Paul to cozy up to Ronald Reagan, is the last thing that should be labeled “politically expedient.”"

    On earmarks:
    “Dr. Paul has eloquently explained that his use of earmarks does not increase spending, that the funds would otherwise be used unconstitutionally by the executive branch.”

    On the so-called price fixing scheme:
    “Clearly, Ron Paul was simply voting based on free trade and the fact that the U.S. should stay out of the business of foreign countries. Should we ban imports from any country that implement economic controls? OPEC sets oil supply quotas. Should we ban OPEC oil from the U.S.?”

    I would also suggest anyone who wants to learn more to simply search Ron Paul on youtube and hear from the candidate himself on the issues. He explains each of the positions above.

    Posted 13 Sep 2011 at 11:18 am

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