Much has been made of Pelosi’s allusions to the Declaration of Independence in this floor speech. It sounds like she’s a little fuzzy on the difference between that document and the Constitution, which is the actual foundation of our system of government and the yardstick by which ObamaCare’s legality will be measured by the Supreme Court.

I don’t think she’s really that dumb. I think she thinks the average Democrat voter is that dumb—and she’s right. Most people who vote Democrat could no more tell you the difference between the Declaration and the Constitution than they could explain the Theory of Relativity.  The words that matter in this speech are the following:

That’s what the Republican’s are trying to take away from you.

In other words, Pelosi and her Democrat accomplices are already demagoguing ObamaCare they way they have been demagoguing Social Security since the 1930s and Medicare since the 1960s. First, they create a new “right” to which their brainless voters are entitled. Then, they pretend to be defending that right from evil Republicans:

This was the whole point of ObamaCare. It was never about reform, It was never even about health care. It was about scaring dumb people into voting Democrat. And here’s the bad news—-it works.

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  1. jerseyflash wrote:

    Didn’t FLUKE tell a committee that ALL Congress
    and Senate critters take a 4th grade entrance exam? WTF happened to PELOSI…did she bring an apple to the class? These are the people who tell the POPE if he’s right or wrong?

    Posted 24 Mar 2012 at 5:41 pm

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