Paul Hsieh’s column at RealClearMarkets highlights a reality that often gets lost in the ongoing debate about ObamaCare and its mandate. When the government tells you that you MUST buy insurance and also tells insurers what they MUST cover, the people who design your insurance policy are political campaign contributors. This isn’t speculation:

In the first three years after Massachusetts passed its ‘individual insurance mandate,’ special interest groups successfully lobbied to have their particular pet benefits included in the mandatory package all residents must purchase, including drug abuse treatment, autism therapy, non-in-vitro fertility services, and orthotics.

And the special interest groups in question don’t get the attention of state and federal legislators by persuasive rhetoric. Either directly or indirectly, they do it with money. And decisions about what must be covered by carriers under ObamaCare’s will be no different:

At a 2011 Health and Human Services “listening session” to solicit public input on the “Essential Health Benefits Package” that insurers must offer (and Americans must purchase) on government-run exchanges, special interest groups proposed mandating that insurance plans include services such as pediatric vision coverage, “eating coaches,” HIV testing, and chiropractic care.

Now, who do you think the money-grubbing gremlins who run our government will be “listening” to when it comes time to decide? To learn the answer to that question, read the rest of Dr. Hsieh’s column at this link.

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