It would appear that the people who run Georgetown University have the courage to stand up to faux feminist Sandra Fluke, the fraudulent “news” media and the flim flam man who occupies the oval office:

Today, Georgetown University President John J. DeGoia released the following letter, in which he explained that the university would not cave to pressure from Fluke or President Obama.

The letter is another sign that, unlike many members of the GOP, the leaders of Catholic colleges and hospitals do not intend to be bullied by the self-righteous prigs of the left:

The student plan offered by Georgetown is consistent with our Catholic and Jesuit identity and does not cover prescription contraceptives for birth control.

The letter points out that students are free to buy insurance elsewhere if they want contraception coverage, but that they won’t find it among the benefits offered at Georgetown.

Students are not required to purchase their health insurance through Georgetown University and are free to acquire health insurance through a third party

The university will not make any changes to its employee policies either. Good for them.

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  1. karinee wrote:

    Finally Catholic leaders are standing up to the
    bullies. Our church cannot speak of political
    issues from the pulbit without threat of being
    shut down by our government. How about
    shuting down Sharpton, Jackson, Wright and all
    of the rest of the liberal left who preach from
    their pulbits every week. They are a protected

    Posted 28 Apr 2012 at 8:49 am

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