The Medicare program has an unfunded liability exceeding $30 trillion (yes trillion, with a T). So, you’d think that our masters in Washington would be happy if some citizens chose to save the taxpayers money by opting out of Medicare when they reach Social Security age. Unfortunately, as Quin Hillyer reports, that’s not how the Beltway Bureaucrats operate:

The case involves efforts by five plaintiffs to keep private insurance rather than to accept Medicare benefits they do not want. Based on a mere administrative guideline adopted without any formal rule-making, the federal government will not allow somebody to renounce Medicare benefits without also renouncing all the Social Security benefits they earned through a lifetime of work.

And it gets worse:

Something truly strange is happening with two supposedly conservative judges on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit: They are just making up facts on their own, in direct contradiction of the record before them, to protect a government power that no legislation and no formal regulation ever claimed authority to do. In short, these two judges are either incredibly sloppy or, sadly, flat-out dishonest.

This is how out of control our government has become. Beltway bureaucrats refuse to let citizens save the taxpayers money and federal judges back the Bureaucrats based on their own whims rather than the law. To read the rest of this weird and scary tale click here.

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