As soon as it became known that Paul Ryan was Romney’s pick for VP, the White House and its media lickspittles attempted to depict him as some sort of monster who wanted to take Granny’s health care away. Well, it looks like seniors aren’t quite as dumb as the President thinks they are:

In Florida, 48 percent of seniors say Romney would do a better job on Medicare, versus 44 percent who say that about Obama … In Ohio, 49 percent of seniors say Romney would do a better job on Medicare, versus 43 percent who say that about Obama.

Seniors are the most reliable voters in the electorate and Obama can’t win without these two states. And who can blame seniors for being wary of Obama. He’s already raided Medicare for more than $700 million. The President and his accomplices have been lying about that, of course.

Yet in two of the three states — ones that could decide the presidency — seniors support Romney over Obama on the issue. (A Post poll also found seniors view Ryan favorably by 50-35.)

The failure of the Mediscare campaign is, by the way, is why Obama’s media toad eaters have been pushing a hopelessly tendentious “study” that purports to shoe show that Paul Ryan’s Republican budget is aimed at hurting the poor. This is more desperate BS, of course.

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  1. Tim wrote:

    Americans want a discussion on jobs and the economy and the Obama Democrats’ convention is going to focus on abortion.

    And there is going to be a collective, ‘”Huh?”.

    Say good night, Gracie.

    Posted 24 Aug 2012 at 9:24 am

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