One of the most irritating ironies of the ongoing health reform debate is that the advocates of government-run health care claim to be in possession of the high moral ground. In this clip, Beth Haynes, M.D., of the Benjamin Rush Society, explains why that is false and shows that individual liberty and free markets provide the only moral and practical path to widespread access to high-quality, low cost, medical care:

[ht Paul Hsieh]

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  1. Beth Haynes wrote:

    Thanks David!!
    It is a moral fight we are in. I am tired of being vilified or dismissed because I do not see government as the solution to the challenges we face in health care. I do care about the most vulnerable. I also care about the kind of community we live in– and I want it to be firmly grounded in voluntary interaction with complete condemnation of all initiation of force. We are able to make those arguments proudly and clearly–the whole conversation changes.

    Posted 04 Nov 2012 at 3:32 pm
  2. Catron wrote:

    Your argument that the free market is morally superior (as well as more efficient) than the government alternative is not heard much these days, but it is dead on. If one takes an “evidence-based” approach (to coin a phrase), your position wins in a walk.

    Posted 04 Nov 2012 at 8:18 pm
  3. Alice Suszynski wrote:

    Thanks, Beth, for articulating this powerful idea. I shared it on my FB page. Something good needs to happen here but I fear that at least half of the people don’t get this at all. It’s as if we have two distinct countries.

    Posted 06 Nov 2012 at 10:14 am

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