In today’s American Spectator I chronicle the five stages of grief endured by a conservative (i.e. yours truly) who has witnessed 61 million voters get fooled … again:

Last Tuesday evening I went to bed in denial … I declined to believe that a majority of the voters were stupid enough to re-elect a President whose incompetence makes Jimmy Carter seem Washingtonian by comparison, whose mendacity far surpasses that of a pathological liar like Bill Clinton, and whose administration is so corrupt that it actually evokes nostalgia for the Nixon era.

I was sure that, when all the actual votes had been counted, they would reveal that the electorate had been sensible enough to send this cheap grifter back to Chicago.

On Wednesday, forced to face the grim reality of the election results, I became angry—-step two of five difficult phases. For more details of this painful journey, click here.

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