In today’s American Spectator I discuss the whining of Shadowfax, a long-time advocate of government-run healthcare who has just figured out that it is “arbitrary and disconnected from reality”:

When I began writing about the menace of increased federal involvement in our medical delivery system, I was surprised to discover that some doctors actually supported it. These misguided medicos represented only a small minority of practicing physicians, and most were profoundly ignorant about health care economics, but the “M.D.” following their names provided them with a façade of credibility.

A number of these people took advantage of their illusory expertise in health care policy to launch blogs which they used to promote their notions of ‘health reform’ and extol the virtues of government-run health care in general.

Among them was an ER physician who writes under the nom de plume, “Shadowfax.” This particular “docblogger” stands out in my memory because he was peculiarly uninformed about the nuances of the issue and yet utterly dismissive of anyone, including other physicians, who attempted to make him understand that he would one day regret advocating an increased government role in medicine.

Now Shadowfax whines, “What I hate about this [system] is the underlying dishonesty … If there’s an argument to be made that physicians are paid too much, then let’s have that debate on its merits.

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  1. Andre Ishak wrote:

    Dear Mr. Catron,
    As an orthopedic surgeon, I resent being lumped into the same category as this so-called “sawbones”. Most of my colleagues, actual sawbones, were very much against Obamacare.
    Andre M. Ishak, MD

    Posted 17 Jan 2013 at 7:36 pm

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