We all know that HHS secretary Kathleen Sebelius violated the Hatch Act by campaigning for Obama using taxpayers money, but now it looks like the whoppers she told to save her own skin has an HHS aide in legal trouble:

The DNC … reimbursed HHS (rather than the Treasury Department) and reclassified it as travel, rather than as a reimbursement for an independent expenditure in order to avoid the appearance that the Treasury Department had effectively loaned money to the Obama campaign for the trip.

So, here’s where the aide goes under the bus:

HHS’ reclassification of the trip as a campaign trip means that A.J. Pearlman, the adviser who traveled to the event with Sebelius, also violated the Hatch Act.

In other words, Sebelius compromised Pearlman:

The consequence here is that A.J. Pearlman is thrown under the bus by Sebelius. Sebelius asked the DNC to reimburse HHS for A.J. Pearlman’s activities, which basically [means] A.J. Pearlman violated the Hatch Act, which means A.J. Pearlman needs to be disciplined, most likely fired.

Pearlman didn’t engage in any political activity, as did Sebelius. She just did what her boss told her to do (i.e. she got on the plane and went with her). How would you like to work for a creep like Sebelius?

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