In today’s American Spectator I point out that the HHS contraception mandate is nothing more than a payoff to Big Pharma for its support of Obamacare:

Why would the Obama administration, having won the legislative struggle to get Obamacare passed and fought a brutal legal battle to prevent it from being overturned by the Supreme Court, risk another visit to that fickle tribunal by insisting on this egregious mandate?

Can we say corruption?

An answer is suggested by the President’s recent nomination of William B. Schultz to head the legal team at Health & Human Services. Never heard of Mr. Schultz? He is an attorney and long-time lobbyist for the pharmaceutical industry … Schultz’s biggest client was Barr Laboratories, maker of the morning-after contraception pill known as Plan B.

Big Pharma not only bankrolled a multi-million dollar propaganda campaign on behalf of Obamacare, the drug industry was among the largest contributors to Obama’s reelection campaign.

The HHS contraception mandate is just another Chicago-style payback scheme. To read the rest of the column, click here.

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