In today’s American Spectator, I discuss the latest effort by Obamacare snake oil salesmen to deceive the public:

Peter V. Lee is the Executive Director of “Covered California,” the Golden State’s system of Obamacare insurance exchanges. On May 23, his shiny new bureaucracy issued a press release announcing that the premiums for health plans purchased through California’s exchanges will be lower than predicted by most economists. This was a premeditated falsehood.

And the “news” media is playing along withe deception:

If our national press corps were not utterly corrupt, the misleading assertions contained in Cover California’s press release would have been held up to scorn. Unfortunately, the leading lights of the establishment “news” media have decided to collude with Lee and his bureaucratic accomplices to deceive the public.

To read the rest of this tawdry tale, click here.

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  1. Bob Hertz wrote:

    The 40 year old male whose premiums go up from $177 a month to $400 a month will also have a subsidy if he has a modest income.

    The tax credits in ObamaCare will lower his actual out of pocket outlay down to the $177 or even lower.

    But if his family income exceeds about $80,000, he will be stuck with the higher costs.

    In other words, the ACA is a backdoor tax increase on that small group of persons who have decent incomes and buy individual coverage.

    Posted 03 Jun 2013 at 6:49 am

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