My column in today’s American Spectator discusses “Get Covered America,” the much-anticipated propaganda campaign from the Obama regime’s front group “Enroll America.” The alleged purpose of this campaign is to connect the uninsured to Obamacare’s insurance exchanges. But this suggests a question:

During the health reform debate, we were repeatedly told by the White House, congressional Democrats and their media allies that there were teeming millions of uninsured Americans crying out for coverage. Why, then, are these hapless wretches not already lining up to sign up? If our uninsured problem is so desperate, why do we need Enroll America to round up and herd people through the exchanges?

The answer to that question has long been obvious to those of us who bothered to do our homework—–America’s uninsured problem was a work of fiction:

The fabled uninsured entered the public consciousness when the advocates of socialized medicine realized their claim that government could provide health care more efficiently than could the private sector was not getting much traction with the general public. Thus, we began to see stories in the media about huge numbers of people going bankrupt and even dying for lack of health insurance.

If the actual number of uninsured even approached the figures we constantly heard from the government health care crowd, there would be no need for Get Covered America. The uninsured would line up for coverage just like job applicants line up at a soon-to-open Walmart.

So, what is the true function of “Get Covered America”? To find out, click here.

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